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Plasmids from the Dream lab

Murine EC Atlas

A single cell transcriptome atlas of murine endothelial cells (EC). Cite: 2020 Feb 20;180(4):764-779.e20.


Brain Atlas

An atlas of protein-coding gene expression and classification in mouse, pig and human brains. Cite: Science. 2020 Mar 6;367(6482):eaay5947.



The human Ovarian Cancer Single Cell Gene Expression database (OvCdb) contains currated and integrated gene expression profile from over half a million cells.  

Pig Single Cell Atlas

A single cell transcriptome Atlas of pig organs.

Wang, F., Ding, P., Liang, X., Ding, X., Brandt, C. B., Sjöstedt, E., Zhu, J., Bolund, S., Zhang, L., de Rooij, L., Luo, L., Wei, Y., Zhao, W., Lv, Z., Haskó, J., Li, R., Qin, Q., Jia, Y., Wu, W., Yuan, Y., … Luo, Y. (2022). Endothelial cell heterogeneity and microglia regulons revealed by a pig cell landscape at single-cell level. Nature communications13 

(1), 3620.

Advancing Xenotransplantation by Single Cell and Spatial OMICS (PigX)

This database is created to enable the exploration of gene expression changes at the single cells level for conditions related to xenotransplantation applications. 

Version 2022v1 contains single cell RNA sequencing of endothelial cells from WT and 4KO pig kidneys perfused with human blood for six hours. The 4KO genetically modified pigs lack three xenoantigens and the MHC class I. 

Citation: updated later. 

Pig RNA Atlas

An atlas of protein-coding gene expression in pig organs.

Citation: BMC Biol 20, 25 (2022).  


A deep-learning based CRISPR gRNA design and enhanced on-target efficiency prediction tool.

Citation: Nat Commun. 2021 May 28;12(1):3238. 

Murine UUO Spatial RNA Atlas

A spatial gene expression atlas of mouse models (UUO) of chronic kidney injury. Coming soon!

Human Muscle Spatial RNA Atlas

A spatial gene expression atlas of human muscle injury and regeneration. Coming soon!