An integrative database of gene expression in NAFLD progression

The NAFLDdb was generated by homogeneously processing bulk RNA-seq data from 625 specimens of NAFLD patients with well characterized and documented NAFLD activity scores (NAS) and fibrosis scores (FIB). A novel approach involving unsupervised gene clustering was performed using integrated RNA-seq data to screen for NAFLD biomarkers. The database aims to faciliate the discovery and development of better diagnosis and treatment for NAFLD. 

This is dabase is generated for research only. Copy right and licence, please refer to the research team headed by Associate professor Lin Lin, Professor Henning Grønbæk, and Professor Yonglun Luo at Aarhus University. 

Example: Gene expression according NAFLD FIB score - Biomarker COL1A1

Example: Gene expression according to NAS score: COL1A1

Heatmap presentation genes in collagen complex