Introduction of the human ovarian cancer single cell gene expression database (OvCdb)

This single cell gene expression database is genenerated by currating and integrating over half a million single-cell transcriptome data of 84 ovarian tumor patients (OvC) across all clinical stages. Gene expression profle of eight major cell types was throghly characterized throughout the OvC progression, including B cells (CD79AIGHM), endothelial cell (VWF, CLDN5), epithelial cells (KRT18WFDC2), fibroblasts (DCN, COL1A1), mast cells (KITMS4A2), myeloid cells (LYZAPOE), pericytes (TAGLNRGS5), and T cells (PTPRCCD3D). 

Cell type

Gene marker

Gene expression by cell type and cancer stages